Since 1924, Van den Hoven is a leading manufacturer of rubber products. The company has an outstanding reputation for many years, especially in the agricultural market. Companies from other specialist areas can’t do without us either, and our experience and know-how is used increasingly in the wood industry, the construction world and in laundries.
    Our extensive product lines provide customised answers to every question involving rubber products. Whether you need a single copy of a specific moulded item or a major production run of parts, Van den Hoven will do everything exactly according to your requirements. You can always rely on us for top-quality production and just in time delivery.
  Our range includes belts, drive belts, bumpers, scals, flax belts, rollers, clutches, rings, etc. Also non-slip or dust-repellent rubber mats. We also handle the rubber coating of coach wheels, bandsaw wheels or pressure wheels. In a word, if anyone makes it, Van den Hoven does!
  If you have any specific requests, simply get in touch with us.

We ‘ll have just the solution you need waiting for you.

Van den Hoven
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